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Design and Prototyping of a Simple Test Rig for Fuel Cock Assy

Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio 1 * , Sarid Mejiartono 1 , Agung Wibowo 1

1Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

*Email: ipn@ftmd.itb.ac.id
This work focuses on the design, manufacturing, and testing of a simple test rig for fuel cock assy. The test rig is needed to facilitate the testing of the fuel cock assy prototype that has been reverse-engineered before the component is directly applied and used in motorcycles. Several design concepts of test rigs are proposed and evaluated. The main parts of the test rig are the fuel hose, valve, T-connector, vacuum pressure gage, and hand-suction pump. Upon completion of the assembling process, a series of testing is conducted to see the performance of the test rig. The result indicates that the test rig is working well despite its simplicity. In addition, there is still room for improvement, among others, is the design of supporting stand to gain a better aesthetic value. As for future work, the prototype has ample opportunity to be upgraded into a sophisticated test rig by adding sensors and microcontrollers to allow automatic testing.

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