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International Journal of Sustainable Transportation Technology

Volume 5, Issue 1

original research article

Structural Design and Analysis of Electric Car Engine Mount

I Nyoman Adhywinaya, Bentang Arief Budiman

Pages 32-37

In this paper, the analysis of engine mounting structures that will be applied to electric vehicles is conducted. The engine mounting structure will be subjected to static loading from the mounted components assembly, including the assembly of the gearbox, electric motor, and corresponding brackets. In the structure arrangement, HSLA material is mostly used and general structural steel such as AISI 4130 is also used. This study aims to evaluate the existing design so that further optimization steps can be carried out. Simulations and analysis with a static approach were performed using SOLIDWORKS. The stress and displacement contours are then created, and the location of the critical points of maximum stress and maximum deflection can be obtained so that the safety factor of the design can be evaluated. Based on the simulation results, the current safety factor value is very high when compared to using materials with lower physical properties. In addition, it is necessary to develop further studies involving dynamic loading so that it can also be considered to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.
original research article

Control Strategy in Electric Vehicle: A Visualized Bibliometric Analysis

Muhammad Rizalul Wahid, Diky Zakaria, Elysa Nensy Irawan, Endra Joelianto

Pages 23-31

Control strategy has an important role in electric vehicles. It determines the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles. This study analyzes the control strategies on electric vehicles by a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer, Open Refine and Tableau Public software. In this study, the dataset was taken from Scopus. The number of articles used is 1403 documents. The keywords used in Scopus database based on TITLE-ABS-KEY (title, abstract, keyword) are "control strategy" AND "electric vehicle" OR "EV". Based on the result analysis, the number of studies on control strategies in electric vehicles continues to increase from 2013 to 2022. Result analysis of this study provides information that the latest research trend related to control strategies in electric vehicles is wireless power transfer, switched reluctance motor, energy consumption, robust control, disturbance observer, battery life, deep reinforcement learning, reinforcement learning, ECMS and fuzzy logic control. We find that the most influential and productive authors are from China.
original research article

Design and Prototyping of a Simple Test Rig for Fuel Cock Assy

Ignatius Pulung Nurprasetio, Sarid Mejiartono, Agung Wibowo

Pages 18-22

This work focuses on the design, manufacturing, and testing of a simple test rig for fuel cock assy. The test rig is needed to facilitate the testing of the fuel cock assy prototype that has been reverse-engineered before the component is directly applied and used in motorcycles. Several design concepts of test rigs are proposed and evaluated. The main parts of the test rig are the fuel hose, valve, T-connector, vacuum pressure gage, and hand-suction pump. Upon completion of the assembling process, a series of testing is conducted to see the performance of the test rig. The result indicates that the test rig is working well despite its simplicity. In addition, there is still room for improvement, among others, is the design of supporting stand to gain a better aesthetic value. As for future work, the prototype has ample opportunity to be upgraded into a sophisticated test rig by adding sensors and microcontrollers to allow automatic testing.
original research article

Bibliometric Analysis of Nano-Sized Agricultural Waste Brake Pads Research During 2018-2022 Using VOSviewer

Sahar Deni, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto

Pages 12-17

The agricultural brake pad is one solution to reduce the danger of using asbestos in-vehicle systems. This research aims to conduct bibliometric analysis in nano-sized agricultural waste brake pads by combining mapping analysis using VOSviewer software. Application reference manager used to obtain research data. The data received results from a search based on the keyword “Brake pads, Nano-sized, Agricultural waste.” The search results found 1000 relevant published articles in 2018-2022. The results showed that research on nano-sized agricultural waste brake pads has been increasing through the year, and research continues with a high number of publications in early 2022. This study demonstrates the importance of bibliometric analysis in analyzing data on what phenomena happen. This research is expected to help and become a reference for researchers in conducting and determining the research themes.
review article

A Case Study of a 15-Minute City Concept in Singapore’s 2040 Land Transport Master Plan: 20-Minute Towns and a 45-Minute City

Odilia Renaningtyas Manifesty, Jin Young Park

Pages 1-11

The 15-Minute city concept emerged as a response to the hyper-motorized city. First popularized by the Mayor of Paris in 2020, 15-Minute City is an evolving concept that derived from its predecessors such as neighborhood-unit planning and walkable city. This paper explores the implementation of the 15-Minute City concept in city planning by using Singapore as the case study. In 2018, Singapore released its Land Transport Master Plan 2040 and which includes an ambitious concept of 20-Minute Towns and a 45-Minute City (2MT45MC) and has similar ideas to the 15-Minute City concept. Through various journal articles and media coverage, Singapore’s policy and regulation regarding its transport planning were thoroughly reviewed to find Singapore’s strategy and challenges in realizing the objective of its 2MT45MC concept. Normalizing active mobility and enhancing connectivity nationwide are the main strategies to overcome the biggest challenges faced: lack of legal backing in personal mobility devices and the country’s rigid zoning. Even though it is too early to say whether 2MT45MC is achievable or not, projects such as the North-South Corridor show that for a long-term plan, it seems feasible.