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International Journal of Sustainable Transportation Technology

Keyword: Voltage stability

original research article

Optimal Power Flow with Considering Voltage Stability using Chaotic Firefly Algorithm

Yun Tonce Kusuma Priyanto, Vicky Mudeng, Muhammad Robith

Pages 1-7

In transportation technology, the development of electric vehicle is growing rapidly. In the future, the availability of electrical power is crucial because every electric tool needs electrical power. Power plant must provide electrical power for all consumer include an electric vehicle. Sustainability of electrical power transmission and distribution must be considered as critical due to its high power consumption in the community. One of the problem to supply electrical power is how to keep the system’s voltage stability. Several variations on the load pattern and topological can lead to a substantial poor impact on the system. However, generation cost must be considered by utilities’ operator. This paper demonstrates a recently developed metaheuristic method called Chaotic Firefly Algorithm (CFA). Our simulation shows that this method may perform better than several well-known metaheuristic methods. Therefore, CFA may become a promising method to solve optimal power flow considering voltage stability cases.