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International Journal of Sustainable Transportation Technology

Volume 1, Issue 2

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A Review on Production of Hydrogen from Renewable Sources and Applications for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Dedi Rohendi, Dea Radestia Rahmah, Dwi Hawa Yulianti, Icha Amelia, Nyimas Febrika Sya'baniah, Nirwan Syarif, Addy Rachmat

Pages 63-68

Hydrogen gas is an energy carrier that has many advantages, including energy density for high mass and environmentally friendly. Hydrogen can be produced from various sources by numerous methods. Hydrogen production from renewable sources is interesting, due to the sustainable and inexpensive supply of the raw materials. Among the sources of renewable raw materials for hydrogen production are water and biomass with various production methods. It consists of the electrolysis of water with acidic and basic conditions, as well as thermochemical and biochemical biomass conversion.
review article

Review of Switched Reluctance Motor Control for Acoustic Noise and Vibration Reduction

Jihad Furqani, Agus Purwadi

Pages 59-62

Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) is one of the candidates for substituting permanent magnet motor in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) application. Compared to permanent magnet motor, SRM is relatively low cost, robust, high reliability, and possible for high-temperature operation because of the absence of permanent magnet. One significant problem in SRM is the high acoustic noise and vibration. The vibration in SRM is caused by the radial forces acting at the stator teeth. Because of the saliency pole configuration in SRM, vibration is prominent. Many studies tried to reduce acoustic noise and vibration in SRM. In this paper, several controls for acoustic noise and vibration reduction are shown. The acoustic noise and vibration reduction from the experiment are also compared in each method.
original research article

Effect of Curing Current on Stiffness and Damping Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers

Norhiwani Hapipi, Saiful Amri Mazlan, Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz, Ubaidillah Ubaidillah, Norzilawati Mohamad, Izyan Iryani Mohamad Yazid, Seung-Bok Choi

Pages 51-58

In this study, the viscoelastic effects of the magnetic field strength imposed for curing process on the stiffness and damping properties of magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) are experimentally investigated. In order to observe the effect, three different samples of MRE are fabricated by imposing curing current of 0.1 A, 0.3 A and 0.5 A which is equivalent to the magnetic field of 70 mT, 309 mT, and 345 mT, respectively. All samples consist of 30% silicone rubber and 70% carbonyl iron particles (CIPs) by weight percentages. After observing the morphological images via SEM, the dynamic performances of these samples, such as storage modulus and loss factor are evaluated and compared as a function of the magnetic field intensity or oscillation frequency. It is shown that the sample cured at 0.5A exhibits the highest storage modulus in the frequency domain. In addition, MR effects of three samples are identified, and it is found that the sample cured at 0.5A shows the highest absolute and relative MR effect.
review article

Transportation System Development and Challenge in Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Indonesia

Muhammad Farda, Harun al-Rasyid Lubis

Pages 42-50

Jakarta Metropolitan Area has been facing problem in terms of congestion and its chain effect, namely time value loss, high fuel consumption, and high greenhouse gas emission. The problem is caused by many factors, namely high population, high use of the private vehicle, inadequate current public transport supply, urban sprawling, etc. The government, both City and National Government has been formulating and implementing a plan to develop sustainable transportation that serves the citizen of Jakarta Metropolitan Area. This included the operation of Jakarta Bus Rapid Transit, KRL Commuter Line and Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit. In the near future, both inner city and metropolitan light rapid transit will also operate in this area. This paper reviews the development and challenge of the transportation system in Jakarta Metropolitan Area and proposes a recommendation to optimize the current transport system. In general, there are three components that should be considered to achieve sustainable transportation. Those components are i) strong transport authority, ii) integrated master plan, iii) Sustainable Resources, Funding, and Financing.
original research article

Train Localization using Unscented Kalman Filter–Based Sensor Fusion

Ismail Faruqi, Muhammad Brahma Waluya, Yul Yunazwin Nazaruddin, Tua Agustinus Tamba

Pages 35-41

This paper presents an application of sensor fusion methods based on Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) technique for solving train localization problem in rail systems. The paper first reports the development of a laboratory-scale rail system simulator which is equipped with various onboard and wayside sensors that are used to detect and locate the train vehicle movements in the rail track. Due to the low precision measurement data obtained by each individual sensor, a sensor fusion method based on the UKF technique is implemented to fuse the measurement data from several sensors. Experimental results which demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed UKF-based sensor fusion method for solving the train localization problem is also reported.